Instructional DVDS

While working in  many high volume piercing shops in the 90's and 00's, Ron began to use less and less tools to minimize the amount of time spent after work in the bio room re sterilizing everything.  
Ove r the  years  spent sitting in  and watching other collegues,  work and discussing various techniques, he realized there was many  like minded individuals who  were also looking to minimie their use of tools. 
Starting in 2005, Ron began recording  these DVDs to  explain to others the method to this free hand madness. 
 He also had friends Chris Glunt, Ruben Lew and Brian Skellie contribute clips and share other ways to do things. 

Remeber there isnt one way to do anything!  Which ever method  the piercer feels the most comfortable with,  to ensur ethe client has a wonderful experience  is the correct way to approach ever procedure. 

I have been piercing FOREVER, what will your DVDS  teach me??

 Volume 1 - Above the neck piercings

Volume 2: below the neck piercings

Volume One explains the basic foundations of  freehand piercing that help all of us provide the cleanest , safest procedure for our clients. 
  Some topics covered are :
tissue bracing, methods to hold everything in your hands,  understanding needle bevels, stylet wire,  as well as videos of a variety of ways to do most above the neck piercings. 
(Please note  Vol 1  is not in HD as it did  not exist when this was being made.)
​$50.00 USD  + shipping 
Volume Two  builds off the information learned in Volume 1,. Here we explain & show many ways to do most below the neck piercings
Some topics  covered include:
The 3 different types of nipples, marking vs needle indentions, using tubes differently,  special considerations  for male and female genitals and much more!
$50.00 USD  + shipping