Welcome to Ron Garza's website.  Here he showcases his work in the body art realms, as well as his continued education DVDs, media features, and much more.

 Actively piercing since 1992

Ron has been actively piercing in a studio since 1992.  Click HERE  to see more of his piercing works, writings, and contributions to the piercing industry here.


​Ron has been branding since 1996 after he trained with fakir Musafar in San Fransisco, Ca.


Ron is recognized as one of the pioneers of the scarification industry and the one who helped usher in artistry into the scarification realm in th e 90's.  Read and see more of his work  ​​ HERE .
Single session full back scar by Ron Garza
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 Ron Garza Classes

Ron has been teaching Internationaly as well as domestically for almost 2 decades. 
Here is an archived list of his classes and locations.