What is branding?

in  its simplest definition: Branding is a third degree burn that is applied to the skin.   While this alone  may sound and be very dangerous in the wrong hands,   if done  in a controlled environment.  with knowledge and understanding,  it can quickly be altered and done with  negligible risks  with a few adjustment of variables, and precautions.

 Branding can be done with many items, and a multitude of methods. 

Some of these methods are, but not limited to :  Traditional strike method using vice grips, formed steel and map gas.   Electric tools  such as Thermal catuary unit, Electric surgical unit, or even little battery operated pens can also be used and fall into this category.

 All brands on here done with traditional strike method .




Ron also  has been international recoginzed for his scarification work  done with scalpels.  Click here to see more. Scarification
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